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Dr. Jeremiah M. Okeyo Profile

Area of specialization: Soil Science (Soil Quality and Crop Production)



1.PhD in Soil Science, University of Wyoming: August 2010 – May 2014
Thesis Title: The Effect of Conservation Agriculture Practices on Soil Quality and Crop Productivity under Contrasting Smallholder Farming Systems in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda.
Research Synopsis: Sustainable farming practices are required to address the persistent problems of land degradation and declining crop productivity in sub-Saharan Africa. In this study, we assessed the impact of conservation agriculture (CA) practices in comparison to conventional farmer practices on soil quality indicators and crop yields under shortand long-term trials in western Kenya and eastern Uganda. Soils were sampled and analyzed for total and labile soil carbon and nitrogen pools, aggregate stability and infiltration capacity. Our results indicate that reduced tillage combined with crop residues enhanced physical soil quality but better targeting of CA approaches is necessary to enhance crop productivity.
Research Interests: My research interests are in application of sustainable soil, water and nutrient management practices to smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries with the aim of meeting the dual goals of enhanced crop productivity for food security and resilience to climate change. In particular, I am interested on how we can adapt sustainable farming practices to the highly diverse agro-ecological and socio-economic conditions within which smallholder farmers operate.

2. Master of Environmental Sciences, Kenyatta University: 2003 – 2006
 Thesis Title: Analysis of the Spatial Variability of Soil Fertility Gradients in Vihiga and Siaya Districts of Western Kenya using Geostatistical Techniques. Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Moi University 1995 - 1999 Second Class Honours


1. Lecturer, Dept. of Land and Water Management, University of Embu, September 2014 - present.
  Main Responsibilities: Teaching and conducting research in the area of soil, water and nutrient management for sustainable agricultural production.

2. Assistant Scientific Officer, Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility (TSBF) Institute of CIAT 2006 – 2010
Main Responsibilities: Provide technical backstopping for the implementation of African Network for Soil Biology and Fertility (AfNet) agronomic experiments, long-term trials and other project activities at the various benchmark sites across Africa; Prepare quarterly, semi-annual and annual technical reports for the various AfNet research projects; Contribute to writing of proposals and concept notes for funding; Organize and facilitate short-term training workshops on thematic areas of importance to AfNet members; and Facilitate data analysis, preparation, editing, review and publication of various AfNet books and other information dissemination materials.

3. Teacher, Mosocho Academy 1999 – 2002
Teaching biology and agriculture. Other activities included guidance of students during various school activities.     

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