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Ms. Anne W. Kairu Profile

Name: Anne Wangari Kairu
Tutorial Fellow
Tutorial Fellow
Land and Water Management
School of Agriculture
Area of Specialization: 
Biology of Conservation
Contact Address:
6 Embu
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Short Biography

Anne Kairu is also Tutorial Fellow in the Department of Land and Water Management in the University of Embu, teaching courses related to conservation. She graduated with Master of Science, Biology of Conservation from University of Nairobi and now pursuing a Ph.D. under Coastal Ecosystem Services for East Africa project (CESEA) funded by Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA). Her recent publication titled From shiny shoes to muddy reality: understanding how meso-state actors negotiate the implementation gap in participatory forest management highlights challenges encountered in conserving mangrove forests.

Research Interests

Resources conservation and governance, climate change impacts on resources, pay for ecosystem services, ecosystem approach to resources management, sustainable resource management.

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