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Welcome to the Department of Land and Water Management.

 Academic Staff

Name of Lecturer

Doctoral Degree (Area of specialization)


Dr. Rebecca Yegon  Soil Science (Land and Water Management) Chair of Department, Land and Water Management
Dr. Charles Nyambane Onyari Agronomy: Soil Fertility and Water Management Lecturer
Prof. Felix K. Ng’etich Soil Science (Agricultural Productivity) Associate Professor
Dr. Jeremiah M. Okeyo Soil Science (Soil Quality and Crop Production)  Lecturer
Dr. Abdi Zeila Dubow Soil Science (Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Reserves) -  Lecturer
Dr. Eusebius Mukhwana Soil Science (Soil Biology and Productivity) Lecturer
Mr. Paul Waweru Water Science and Material Chemistry Graduate Assistant